With many of you going on trips and holidays over the summer what better time to really hone your skills and pack light but right now. These days extra luggage means extra charges, less space and less time, so instead of dealing with all the stress we have come up with the 5 ultimate Tips for how to pack light and make travelling as easy as possible!

  1. Own Less Stuff

Seriously! It might seem obvious but if you just generally own less stuff, you have less stuff to pack! Easy, clear out all the extra and only keep what gives you joy! If you know us by now you know we are big fans of the Konmari declutter method! Just pack what you need, there is nothing more annoying that lugging around millions of things in a heavy suitcase. Moral of the story owning less stuff means less choice when packing which makes you more decisive in packing only what you really need!

2. Pack in Outfits

Ensure you pack versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched with each other to dress up or dress down outfits. We use the Stylebook App to photograph our wardrobe and make it ridiculously easy to see how many looks can be created from your clothes and accessories and how few pieces you really will need for that week away!

3. Own a Great Travel Bag

Not only will a great well thought out travel bag be much lighter than what you are used to carrying around but finding a bag that partners this up with organisation is key. Our current favourite? It’s got to be the Minaal Carry On; that not only looks pretty cool but honestly has a compartment for everything and fits it all in the smartest way possible.

4. Get Au Fait with the Latest Travel Hacks

Yes that’s right…there are great travel tools and tricks to make your packing a breeze. Hack numbero uno: Roll your clothes in your bag/suitcase. Honestly, not only does it save heeps of room and prevent creases but it also means you can see everything you are taking with you on your trip and make getting dressed easy once you are finally there. Hack number 2: invest in travel cubes…these make unpacking the best thing ever!

5. Go Minature

Yes an obvious one, but only because its classic. Get those empty mini sized containers together and ensure you get to take all your favourite toiletries without having them take over all your luggage allowance!


We hope you enjoyed our 3 top travel tips to travel light this summer and make your journey a breeze!

Image via Unsplash by Cynthia del Rio.


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