Our Vegan Q&A’s are back! These provide answers to your pressing questions on all things vegan, from how to tell your friends you’ve gone vegan to how to be a healthy vegan! Please continue to bring us your questions through Instagram and Twitter as well as straight to our inbox at contact@theveganedition.com.

Today we have asked our lovely founder Carolina to share her personal experience as she looks back on when her first year as a vegan passed by, her experiences and thoughts. We hope you enjoy!

Wow! How quickly a year flies by! When I first decided to go vegan I did so for personal reasons; struggling with allergies and immunity health problems that impacted my digestion and skin so much so that I knew I needed to make a dramatic change. I went from being a meat-eater to going vegan pretty much overnight after some advise from a doctor and a plethora of my own research. To be honest right from the beginning I loved the idea of being vegan; it really appealed to me that I wasn’t harming anything with the way I ate, food was often quicker to prepare and it really allowed me to fit in a lot more fruits and veggies in.


I have pretty much always bene the same weight and without wanting to lose weight; I found I did lose about half a stone at first when going vegan. However I continued to research, read, and learn and soon started making larger portions allowing me to go back to my regular size. In a matter of months my health problems had almost completely disappeared ( I kid you not!) and I felt so much more energetic and healthy. Although I have always been massively into sport and exercise, I found my performance and energy just really improved after going vegan. 6 months in I really began to focus in on eating more healthy vegan food and home cooked meals; which is a struggle for any busy person but one that is totally worth working on.


I actually didn’t know one person who was vegan when I decided to make the change, which is definitely one of the huge reasons why I started The Vegan Edition to begin with. However with vegan meet up groups in London and being able to meet so many inspiring vegan people through our {in conversation} interview series, I got to know so many other vegans and form great friendships. I am very lucky to have such amazing friends and family who supported me right from the beginning and who even made many changes themselves, finding huge benefits.


Interestingly, although my original reason for going vegan was personal, after much research in the form of reading, youtube videos, documentaries and the like, I really became more and more moved by both the animal cruelty and environmental sides. These areas now resonate with me, so much so they have now filtered down into other areas of my life through shopping 2nd hand and only vegan and cruelty free, to attempting to live a bit more zero waste and eco-friendly. It feels like I have learnt so much from where I was at the start of this journey but there is still so much that I want to continue to do to make a difference in my life and make going vegan for others easier than ever.

Thanks, Carolina! xxx

Image by Carolina Godinho-Moxon.


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