This month we were lucky enough to try out a couple of Vegan foundations. With vegan beauty no longer an inconspicuous niche market, there were plenty of great brands out there to choose from. A great resource to find some of our favourites is the Naturismo website where they stock hundreds of organic beauty, skincare, hair products and even fragrances.

We decided to try out two British brands: the longstanding Beauty Without Cruelty Ultimate Natural Liquid Foundation in Light, Fair and Medium and the much coveted INIKA Truly Organic Liquid Foundation in Beige.

BEAUTY WITHOUT CRUELTY Ultimate Natural Liquid Foundation in Light, Fair and Medium ***

A light day foundation for summer

A great light-weight foundation for dry skins. This foundation does what it says on the bottle. It balances moisture and nourishes the skin through the oily consistency. The smell is not particularly alluring; it smells like makeup, but that is not necessarily a criticism. The product is very easy to apply, but we would recommend you shake it well prior to application as the mixture can come out separated and oily, which can make blending harder to do.

The effect on the skin is lovely. Skin looks dewy, bright and very natural. For this reason, we consider it a good option for those summer months where 100% coverage is not our top priority, but BB creams don’t quite cut it. The shades are a little lighter than we expected so for the summer the Fair shade will be most people’s best bet to ensure easy blending with tanned skins. The bottle is small, compact and transparent on the bottom half so that the shade is visible from the outside. We think it is a bargain buy for £11.99, giving high-street brands a run for their money.

Three words to describe this foundation? Convenient, light and summery.

INIKA Truly Organic Liquid Foundation in Beige  *****

A must-have foundation for Spring

This foundation is the perfect foundation for transitioning dry, winter skin into the Spring months. Firstly, it smells of super fresh tea tree oil, so forget feeling guilty after putting on your foundation (as so many of us do for blocking our pores in the morning); you feel as if you have just walked out of your favourite spa facial.

Secondly, the product is extremely smooth to put on. The bottle recommends that you shake the product before to ensure the product is fully mixed before applying on the skin. The product was easily blendable and felt smooth on application to the skin using either fingers or a foundation brush. The most impressive thing about the product was the full, yet luminous coverage it gave to the skin. Our skin was left feeling fully protected, breathable and the colour looked natural enough for day or night. Most importantly, the foundation lasts for about 6 hours without the need for a touch-up! The bottle’s sleek, black, exterior with gold detailing is stylish, so we forgive it for being a little bulky. Throw it in your makeup to take to work, but don’t leave it out. This is the sort of product that someone might steal. A slightly steeper price of £29.50 for this foundation than the typical high-street brands but we think it is totally worth it. Ethical, organic, and both skin and mood-brightening; we are obsessed with this foundation for these transition months from Winter to Spring.

Three words to describe this foundation? Sleek, matte and feel-good.

We hope this helped those of you on the hunt for a new vegan foundation. There are many other options out there but these two are solid picks for Spring/Summer 2016. Happy shopping!

Image via The Vegan Edition


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