Summertime is finally here! The time for laid-back bbq’s, trips to the beach and the knowledge that you don’t need to bring a jacket with you wherever your adventure may take you! When it comes to summer so much of the excitement we generate comes from the floaty summer dresses that pop up in shop windows and the ease of summer shorts and stylish sunglasses. However, the reality for most people is that their summer clothes are shoved at the back of their wardrobes only to be hastily brought out each year when the temperatures start to rise, by which point they decide they don’t even like any of it! We here at the VE HQ love nothing more than creating our very own perfectly formed wardrobe. So this year get your summer wardrobe right with gorgeous vegan pieces that seamlessly mix and match without breaking the bank.

First things first bring all your clothes together in one place and go through them piece by piece ensuring you keep only the items you love. Next bring in new items that complement your existing wardrobe mixing and matching with the majority of the items you already own.


The easiest way might be to make a list of items you feel are missing from your wardrobe currently and you would really like to add. This allows you to take a step back, really asses your style and the clothes you already own. At this point you want to ensure you are only bringing in pieces that really fit with your style, are weather appropriate for where you live and mix and match seamlessly with what you already own.


Once you have made the extra purchases make sure your wardrobe is clean and organised with everything visible. Now just enjoy the summer!

Image via Unsplash and by Crew.


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