When it comes to lipstick and the shocking statistic that women consume about 7 pounds of lipstick during the span of their life, it really does make you think about what is truly in your lipstick. With some brands studies continuing to find the use of heavy metals such as lead in popular brands its time to go natural, organic and of course; Vegan!

One such brand really paving the way is Lippy Girl a Vancouver-based cosmetics company that focuses on honesty and transparency when it comes to their ingredients and process, avoiding animal testing and producing organic, natural and vegan products that really do the job right!

Our current favourite is the lipstick in shade Schmoopy; the perfect your lips but better shade! Not only are their lippy’s incredibly buttery and soft, the shades are absolutely gorgeous to boot!

Images via The Vegan Edition.

This gorgeous product by Lippy Girl were very kindly gifted by Botanical Brands; the sole uk distributor and all opinions are our own. 


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