We are always open to trying something completely new and unusual so when we got the opportunity to test drive the Prana Mat Eco, we were incredibly excited! The Prana Mat essential works as a form of massage or acupressure wherever you position it on your body, helping release aches, pains or discomfort. If the reviews were anything to go by this thing really works, with thousands of fans tooting its benefits. 

Upon arriving the mat came in simple but gorgeous packaging that tells you a bit more about the brand, its benefits and the many different ways you can use it in your everyday life. The guidebook is also really handy telling you pretty much anything you would ever want to know about the Prana Mat and its many benefits. We went for the lovely natural and turquoise mat which looked super high quality and also very visually attractive which we loved! The lotus flower spikes themselves are well made and sturdy but yes very sharp!

The first time we tried the mat, we simply placed both feet onto the mat, which starts out by being almost uncomfortable or painful ends up being incredibly relaxing even if only for a few minutes. We quickly got that the longer you rested your body on the mat, the easier it became and the more relaxed (but energised we became). As busy people we tried out the mat in a range of different scenarios recommended from using it to ret our feet whilst sitting and standing, to resting our back on it during working hours to even practising yoga using the mat.

We loved using it when watching TV, or simply relaxing back with a good book and found it really did what it says on the tin. We felt rejuvenated and somehow more energised each time we used it, but equally relaxed.  The sensation of having a body part leaning against the mat provides an almost tingling effect that felt truly fantastic! Although we loved the idea of practising yoga using the mat, we found this the most challenging of all the uses. Whist using the Prana Eco mat in positions such as downward facing dog we found the lotus flowers really dug in to our hands (or feet; depending on where we placed it) but for other standing sequences it worked much better and actually helped us to focus more inwards and challenge our balance.

All in all we loved the Prana Mat Eco and it has now become a key part of our everyday life. The mat is so handy and easy to move around which means we are constantly using it whilst participating in any activity around the home. The fact that it really isn’t hype, the mat does truly relax and reinvigorate you and your body whilst doing almost anything is quite amazing.  When the Prana Mat Eco is the first thing you reach for when you are having a bad day to soothe you, you know its a goodie!

If you are interested in shopping the Prana Mat Eco, find it here. or perhaps you are just curious on how the Prana Mat works its magic? Find all the info here.

The Vegan Edition was kindly gifted the Prana Mat Eco, and all opinions as always are our own.  


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  1. Alex
    December 31, 2016 / 1:42 am

    While the product is ok, i was very disappointed with how Pranamat dealt with lack of pricing transparency. Ended up paying additional 100$ for import duties/taxes, which is not apparent when buying the product.

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