For me the clocks turning back always marks the start of real Winter…no longer can all of us stroll out of work to sunshine…the darkness is well and truly here! However, it is not all bad…this means hours of snuggling on the sofa watching films and the joy of lighting all of your wintery scented candles and staying in your pajamas all day! The darkness is a struggle for many of people with 6% of the US population suffering from SAD (Seasonal affected disorder). That is why we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to test out the Lumie alarm that wakes you up through light therapy by mimicking sunrise. Continue below to hear how we got on…

I found the set up and instructions pretty easy to master, only taking a few minutes for the Lumie to be proudly displayed on my side table. I went for the Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30 which is their entry level clock and is compact and tidy so perfect for those of you low on space. Their bodyclock alarms are great for any of you who get a case of the winter blues but may not have SAD. They also have a whole host of SAD lights and lighting here if you want to get serious.


Once set up I loved the sunset option, where once your alarm has been set the light will gradually decrease over a period of around 20 minutes to complete darkness. This was perfect for getting me sleepy and ideal worked well for me once I was already in bed reading and laziness takes over-no need to switch off the light…it will gradually go off for you. The sunset is great for those of you that may have a hard time dozing off as it gradually adapts your body to less light and in turn makes you feel like you should go to bed.


For my wake up call I went for the light with no sound to wake me up. The light alarm feature takes a few days to work out exactly how quickly your body starts to react to the light and you may have to play around with this like me to get the optimum wake up time. After only a few days I already felt more refreshed (and a lot happier!) when I woke up simply by not having an annoying ringtone or sound to wake me. Waking up to light has just felt so much more gentle that it really affected my mood in a positive way each time I used it. It also impacted my energy levels throughout my day as I really felt like I had slept better than before.


All in all the Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30 has become my new bedtime and morning essential! I was surprised how much I enjoyed using the sunset function, which has now definitely become part of my bedtime routine. My morning now starts off so much more relaxed and energising than it ever did before, which in turn makes me feel great all day and actually look forward to using it; which is a rare thing to say about any alarm clock! If you want to find out more about Lumie and how it works, click here.

The Lumie was reviewed and written by our editor. The Lumie alarm was kindly gifted by the brand, and all opinions are our own. Shop Lumie here.

Images via The Vegan Edition.


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