When we heard about the Elvie we were intrigued…a gadget that connects to an app and strengthens your pelvic floor? Yes please! The pelvic floor is largely misunderstood, and only really discussed as an afterthought post the birth of a baby for most women. However, like any muscle its strength improves through regular exercise which is exactly where Elvie steps in.


Elvie is a super sleep gadget that any woman can use to strengthen their pelvic floor thus improving core strength, bladder control and better sex. Interested yet? The people at Elvie say it’s for any woman of any age, so as a regular twenty-something our editor decided to give it a go.

The first thing that struck me about the Elvie is how compact and cool it looks. Right from the packaging down to the gadget and the app, everything is carefully thought through and dare I say it…trendy. Yes the Elvie is super cool. It is also easy to understand; I started out by charging it up and then simply downloaded the app and popping it inside me. As weird as it sounds the games are fun, and quick…which is key. I seamlessly fit it into my daily routine and actually do it as a brush my teeth (multi-tasking anyone?!) and soon begin to see results.


I was shocked how weak my pelvic floor and core were to start and as a keen yogi I competitively try and beat my previous scores to see improvements. After about 2 weeks of regular exercise I can note my progress easily on the charts and graphs which is incredibly satisfying and I even can notice improved core strength when hitting the yoga studio.


Four weeks in, I am an Elvie covert and can’t imagine it not being part of my night routine. It does what it says on the tin and you can really track your progress so you never get bored and can always improve. The main kicker is the price; at £149 there is no getting away from the fact that the Elvie is pricey. However, even at that price I cheerily recommend it to all the women in my life with good reason; this nifty gadget will improve your sex life, and your physical health, so it is time we started treating the pelvic floor with some gym time; your body will thank you for it.


The Elvie was purchased by The Vegan Edition team and all opinions are our own.


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