Tired of fumbling in your small closet every day for something to wear to work? The reality is with more and more of us living in big cities, our wardrobes are getting smaller and harder to maintain than ever! The size of your closet can be a big challenge when it comes to storing all your stuff and keeping it neat and organised. Below are a few tips on wardrobe organisation ideas that will get you on the right track for the new year and start 2017 with a tidy, organised wardrobe and none of the hassle.

1. Take everything out of the closet

When organising you have to start with a blank slate to really make a difference. Start by taking everything out of the closet…sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better! Clean the whole closet to see what you have and access your storage needs. Remember you want to make the most of the limited space available.

2. Purge, purge, and purge

Be ruthless, if you haven’t used it recently, you don’t need it. Donate it or throw it away. Go through your clothes and remove everything that doesn’t fit or is out of style. Leave only the clothes you love, make you feel great and that really fit. This extra space created will not only mean you can see mroe easily exactly what it is you own but also saves you time when deciding on what to wear.

3. Organise like items together

This is one of the key closet organisation ideas. After the purge, put like items together into small groups. Put all shirts together, shoes together and the like. When all things are divided out, you will realise that it makes it easier for you to see the kind of organisation system you may need to help maintain the tidy space.

4. Build extra rod space in your closet

If your closet is still overflowing nows the time to create more space by building an extra rod in your closet. The beauty of adding extra rod is that you don’t have to call a handyman or get the power drill. You can easily do it yourself. In the absence of extra rods, you can also use multiple-tiered hangers which can help organise more clothes into what is essentially the same hanging space.

5. Install a Valet Hook.

Why not utilise the space outside the closet by installing a pullout rod or a hook. Use the hook to hang dry clothing before it gets into your closet. You can also use the pullout rod or the hook to organise your party outfits or your next day’s work attire. This helps you create more space inside your closet as well as making it easier for you when dressing. You can also install an over -the-door rack where you can hang your belts.

6. Always put things back in their spot

After organising your closet by having like items together it is important to maintain the organisation by ensuring every item has its place and that that it is always returned there.This may be a challenge at the beginning, but once you get used to it, you will realise how easy life can be despite limited space in your closet.

A well-planned closet is important to keeping your room serene and clutter-free. It only takes a little thinking, and minimal effort teamed with a few organisation ideas to turn your cluttered closet into an orderly sanctuary. For maximum results organising a small wardrobe is all about making use of all the available space you have as well as avoiding overcrowding by simplifying what you put in there.

This article was brought to you by our lovely contributor Daisy Grace. Daisy is a Health & Beauty Consultant, who helps women live a life they love, in a body they live. She is a long-time native from Oklahoma, USA and writes article on various topics. Daisy’s purpose and passion lies in facilitating health breakthroughs with women who deserve good health, happiness and self-love.

Image by Clark Street Mercantile via Unsplash.


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