As the Summer ends and back to school season is in full swing there is often nothing better than revisiting your old goals for the year and reviewing what you have achieved so far. Half way into the year, you have enough time to really make any changes you haven’t yet been able to implement and equally you can have the satisfaction of checking off those resolutions you have already hit. Not sure how to go about reviewing the first half of the year? We have you covered!

1.List it

First things first look at your original list of 2016 goals or New Years Resolutions and cross of the ones you’ve achieved. Feels good doesn’t it? Not managed to achieve any just yet? Don’t worry, 4 months is long enough to make lasting changes just in time for New Years!

2. Review

Go back through your original list and review the goals you set over 6 months ago. Are they still relevant? Are there any in there that you don’t care about? Now is your opportunity to remove those completely with no guilt whatsoever. Circumstances change and something that you may have felt important to achieve last January may no longer be a major priority.

3. Add It

In the same way that you removed some of your original goals, now is your chance to add some new objectives in that are meaningful and important to you to achieve this year. Firstly be realistic: can this new objective be achieved in 4 months, and secondly ensure this is something that gets you excited!

4. Take Action

Finally take action. It’s all very good reviewing and making lists but without action that is all they will ever be; lists. In order to take action you may find you need to buy something; equipment etc, or making bookings, or designate time off. Whatever it might be to get you started on your path to achieve your objective ensure you get organised and map out exactly what you need to do to get there. By making things as easy as possible you give yourself the biggest chance of success and hitting those mid year objectives.

Image via Christopher Campbell via Unsplash


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