Hey there! Happy Wednesday! With the summer fast approaching we get to look forward to weekend getaways, weddings and travel! woohoo! Though if you are anything like the majority of the population the bit you look forward to least is the packing! Never fear we are here to help and get you packed up with only the essentials and avoid overpacking!

When it comes to travelling, whether you are going by car, plane, boat, car or train you want to keep things light and minimal, so not only do you know exactly what’s in your luggage, but it will make the journey a lot more stress-free.

Firstly make a list of all the vital things you need to bring on the trip; this should include only absolute essentials such as enough clean underwear for the trip and your passport. Next add in the extras that you really want to bring on your list but aren’t essential. This includes things like an extra dress for the evening. Limit this to 5 extra things. That’s it! You now just need to follow your list and ensure you only pack what is on the list keeping things minimal from the start.

Our next tip to pack like a minimalist is to roll everything in your bag or suitcase. The idea behind this is that not only will it help keep your clothes crease-free, it will also mean you can see exactly what you have, making it a lot easier once you reach your destination.

Next if you are travelling via plan make your Carry on work for you. What we mean by this is ensure you have everything that you are going to want or need on the flight easily accessible. This means your passport, boarding pass, money, snacks and reading materials are all quickly within reach and easy to put away.

If it’s only a short trip you are taking try and pack it all in hand luggage. Even if your airline offers a free suitcase in the hold there is no point wasting valuable time; both packing up a larger suitcase and collecting it on the other side. At these times look for multi-use items to bring along on your trip such as a face oil that doubles on your body and outfits that work in multiple ways. This ensures a quicker and easier trip, taking only what you need in your hand luggage.

We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to pack like a minimalist, and check out some of our other decluttering and minimalism articles.

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