New Year’s resolutions…almost everyone has them, and rarely do people achieve them. Yet year after year millions of people will continue to set resolutions to start on the 1st January. The thing is a pattern that is not working needs a reboot so we have broken it down so that this year to make sure that this time you really do achieve those new year goals all before the 31st December 2017!

1.Give yourself a Timeframe

Once you have set the goal you are trying to achieve give yourself a time frame. By this we mean giving specific timings such as I will visit Morocco in February, or I will do yoga 3x a week at 6.30am. By getting so specific on time frames from the beginning it means you already know exactly what is required of you in order to achieve the goal, rather than having vague intentions to visit a new country in 2017 or to simply “get fit”.

2.Do Something Small Every Day

Try and do something small every day towards achieving your goals. It could simply be putting out your  gym clothes ready for the following day’s spin class, or researching places to travel to. n this way by doing even the smallest things towards your New Years resolutions you will feel as though you are making progress and less likely to quit when the going gets tough.

3. Make it Measurable

Make sure that you have a way of measuring your New Year’s resolutions to keep motivation high. This can be similar to setting a time frame, in the way that it should be specific enough to actually seeing improvements or change. If your goal is centered around fitness, it could be that your measure is before and after photos, or if it is travel then it could be based on how many places you visit this year. Whatever theme your goal may be ensure that you have your own way of keeping track and measuring progress and change in order that you follow any resolutions through.


We hope some of the above points helped you in setting your New Year goals and motivating you to progress with them this year!

Image by Bench Accounting via Unsplash.


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