The Cause of Skin Redness…and How to Solve it

Redness on the skin is something most of us experience at one point or another but in this modern-day world it is just one of the many reactions that is happening more and more frequently. One of the most frequent causes of skin redness in recent years is the sheer increase in pollution and toxins and the way in which they affect our skin. The skin essentially rejects these foreign substances when they make contact or are absorbed by the skin resulting in skin redness and sensitivity. The increased use of chemicals as preservatives (for increased shelf life) in our everyday products from laundry detergent to skincare means that our skin is constantly having to fight harsh chemical substances all day, which means we are often left with red, and rashy skin as a result of all of the exposure.

As a result of all of the elements causing skin redness it is important to really focus on your skincare routine to treat it in the best way possible to ensure it remains healthy and allow the redness to go. Below are some of the things you ca implement into your beauty regime today to help your skin:

1. Chuck the Toxins:

There is much action that can be done at home to reduce the toxic load you put your body and your skin through. Opt for more natural and preferably organic brands and products that you feel confident use largely natural ingredients. Not only is this kinder on your skin and the environment but it also means that your skin will have less foreign substances to fight and will look clearer and retain a natural glow, reducing any previous redness.

2. Protect Your Skin:

Ensure you use a moisturiser with SPF every day. This may seem like a extreme request for those of you living in colder climates but the truth is sunshine can cause permanent skin damage no matter what the temperature is. The use of any moisturiser will provide the skin with some support against toxins by providing a barrier between your skin’s pores and any polluting substances but by adding in an SPF it means your skin is covered no matter what the conditions.

3. A Good Diet:

The benefits of a healthy diet cannot be overlooked when it comes to the health of your skin. A healthy, balanced diet provides your skin and body with healthy proteins, fats, carbohydrates as well as all of the vitamin and minerals you need to create glowing skin. A healthy diet will mean any redness caused by internal factors will be vastly improved and also give the skin the necessary nutrients to be able to ward off external pollutants, thereby reducing redness.

Skin redness is often hard to pinpoint on one single cause, however by leading the healthiest lifestyle you can both in what you eat as well as what you apply to your skin you are sure to reap the benefits. Redness is generally a sign of skin irritation so treat your skin with care with few, great quality products to protect your skin against this modern-day life and you should find your redness become a thing of the past.

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10 Tips to Prevent Sun Damage for Life

Many women and men take great care in their day to day skincare routine, in an effort to keep skin looking youthful and clear. However, when it comes to protecting skin from the sun many of us choose to dangerously expose our skin. Although 10 minutes of unprotected sun a day is all you need for topping up vitamin D levels, any longer than this can cause severe skin damage; from wrinkles, and sun spots to increased chances of skin cancer. As sun damage and UV protection is such a detialed and complex subject we thought we would make it as simple as possible with the below tips to prevent sun damage for life.

1. Protect Your Eyes

The skin around the eye area needs special attention. This area is very prone to signs of aging compared to other areas. Proper hydration is necessary and sunglasses should be worn to reduce the effects of UV rays. Ensure that sunglasses have a wider lens to cover the entire area around the eyes and that they are labelled as UVA and UVB protected.

2. Wear Sunscreen Daily

Whether you are on holiday or lucky enough to live in a warm climate it is important to ensure your skin is protected against the sun by using an SPF of 15+ daily. For those with paler skin than burns you may wish to go up to a SPF of 30 or 50 for adequate protection against the sun.

3. Watch The Clock

UltraViolet rays are most harmful between 10 a.m and 4 p.m. If your outdoor daily activities happen around this time it may be worthwhile to wear a hat or stay in the shade when you can.

4. Moisturise Your Lips

Most of us are not aware that lips age too. Therefore it is important that when thinking about skin protection that the lip area is not forgotten. Lips need a high SPF to ensure they are not exposed, reducing the risk of excess lip lines and wrinkles forming. Ensure that lipbalm with SPF is applied frequently throughout the day if exposed to sun.


5. Try UPF Clothing Size

UPF clothing is designed with a special coat that aids in absorbing harmful UVA and UVB rays. The greater the UPF i.e. 15 to 50 and above, the greater the protection. Regular clothes with tightly woven material or dark colours can also work in a similar way to protect from UVA rays. If you can’t help being exposed to the sun for long periods of time it may be worth thinking about the clothing you wear and how it can protect you.

6.Don’t Allow The Weather to Fool You

Even on very cloudy and cool days, UV light can still penetrate the cloud cover. Take the necessary precaution against such weather even when the sun isn’t shining brightly. The snow should not fool you either. Various winter activities may expose your skin to harmful UV rays. Always use the right clothes, and the right sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 15 and above.

 Adonia Dennis (@adoniadennis), is a professional Health, Beauty and Skin Care adviser focusing on solutions to health and beauty problems. She is a passionate blogger and writer also contributing to the Huffington Post and She knows publications. She was recently selected to work as a content coordinator for Glozine latest lifestyle news.

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How To Get Rid Of Acne the Vegan Way

Acne is a very real struggle for many people and for anyone suffering from it, it might seem that the only solution is to attack the acne with the most powerful, chemical-laden skincare you can find. However that doesn’t need to be the case with natural remedies offering powerful solutions. Many of the options I will discuss can already be found in your kitchen cupboards or are affordable options available from the nearest pharmacy or supermarket!

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is already well known for supporting with sun damage due to its healing anti-inflammatory propoerties, but these same properties can help reduce acne down more quickly. By decreasing the swelling and redness associated with acne, applying Aloe Vera can actually mean your acne will go down and recover much more quickly.

2. Baking Soda

As well as being a typical household item, baking soda has a whole range of uses! By diluting baking soda with a bit of water you can actually apply the lighter mixture to your acne as baking soda soothes the skin as well as providing ant-inflammatory properties to help reduce down problematic skin. You can also add tea tree oil for double the impact…which leads me on to point number 3…

3. Tea-tree Oil

Tea tree oil is fantastic and is used in a multitude of home remedies from helping clear a cold to treating fungus. Luckily one of its magical powers is also as an anti-inflammatory to help soothe acne. Simply add a drop or two of the oil to a cotton pad and put on the desired area. Tea tree works particularly well on acne that is causing irritation and is often raised and sore.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil offers many advantages when treating acne and like some of the other items I’ve discussed further up on the list it is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory which helps with particularly tough bouts of cystic acne, as well as decreasing redness and inflammation in the skin.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is typically  made from a combination of apples and a substance know as mother of vinegar. This is essentially a form of cellulose and bacteria that supports in improving the condition of a whole host of ailments. Apple cider vinegar mixxed with a bit of water can also help destroy the bacteria within cystic acne, helping  reduce swelling and improve the texture of the skin.

6. Steam

Steam happens to be very efficient in detoxing harmful particles from the skin by assisting to clear clogged skin pores, thereby also decreasing swelling and also infection. Simply pour hot water into a bowl putting you face over the bowl, covering your head with a towel or cloth to keep the steam in.

This article was brought to you by our lovely contributor Daisy Grace. Daisy is a Health & Beauty Consultant, who helps women live a life they love, in a body they live. She is a long-time native from Oklahoma, USA and writes article on various topics. Daisy’s purpose and passion lies in facilitating health breakthroughs with women who deserve good health, happiness and self-love.

Image by Lotte Meijer via Unsplash.

The Soapwalla Review

It is always exciting when you get to try out some new skincare, particularly when the brand’s founder is so incredibly inspiring! As well as having the absolute pleasure of interviewing Rachel; founder of Soapwalla (find the article here!) we got the opportunity to try out some of the gorgeous Soapwalla products so we thought we would share what we thought!

First things first we love how the focus behind the brand is really on natural ingrediants, with a refusal of chemicals and artificial perservatives in each and everyone of the products. All of the products are also vegan which makes things even easier for us! The first product we tried out was the Lip Locked Coconut Lime lip balm, which from the beginning was a winner with its gorgeous summery scent. The buttery texture is great and it really helps out your lips particularly when the weather is cold and dry.

The Citrus Almond Body oil is one that people will either love or hate. The scent of citrus and almond is an unusual mix that we initially were unsure of, but over time ended up loving. The oil itself is light and luxurious, with a little going a long way which made it perfect for using all over the body. The Balm on the other hand was a much heavier in texture as you would expect and really mositurised the skin, without leaving it too greasy. We like putting it on an hour or so before bed, almost like a bit of a mask and letting it skin in before bed to wake up to baby soft skin. The balm has a much more herbal scent than some of the other Soapwalla products within the range but was incredibly effective at not only improvign the texture of the skin but also the brightness. Finally for our favourite product; the Activated Charcoal and Petitgrain soap. This incredible soap bar definitely one of our current skincare favourites for its ability to really clean the skin thoroughly, getting rid of toxins and bacteria and really helping out when you have any spots that have reared their ugly head.

We were incredibly grateful to have been able to try out the Soapwalla products and really do love them so if you are interested in trying them out find them here.

All Soapwalla products were kindly gifted to us, all opinions are our own. All images are via The Vegan Edition.