Vegan Q&A’s: What Are Some Lunch Ideas For Losing Weight?

Planning and preparing high-quality and healthy lunches is the ideal for many people but one of the challenges for people who want to lose weight is ensuring the lunch is filling enough to see them through the rest of their way without resorting to sugary snacks. Therefore we have brought you 12 vegan lunch ideas that will inspire you to eat healthy, wholesome and natural foods and hopefully lose a few pesky pounds too!

1. Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Versatile cauliflower is perfect for adding to baked potato for a warming, comforting soup that keeps you full until dinner by slashing the calories without restricting texture and flavour. The great thing about this soup too is you can really mix and match it to keep it exciting with new additions such as a bit of spinach, chickpea or even quinoa to bulk it up depending on your mood.

2. Baby Kale Sesame Salad

Kale is a nutritious powerhouse but with such a strong taste it can sometimes be tricky to incorporate into your diet. However as soon s you start massaging baby kale with olive oil its flavours really come into their own and by simply adding some sesame and other mixed seeds and avocado you have yourself a super nourishing and simple tasty salad.

3. Rainbow Quinoa Salad

Quinoa is a fantastic grain that really takes the place of rice and can be a simple way of absorbing lots of different vegetable flavours in one meal. In this case add any mix of vegetables you would like to the quinoa . Our personal favourites? Broccoli, sweet corn, red pepper and carrots.

4. The Bean Vegetable Soup

This particular vegetable soup is perfect for lazy ones! Simply let is simmer in a slower cooker overnight with vegetable stock, white kidney beans and leeks, kale and broad beans to wake up to a fully made soup!

5. Chickpea Quinoa Burger

This quinoa veggie burger combines chickpea, black bean and sweet potatoes to create a healthy but super filling vegan burger under 500 calories, even after adding a whole wheat bun, lettuce and tomato. What could be more juicy? Why not create several patties to keep you going throughout the week?


6. Hummus and Veggie Sandwich:

For those days when really only a filling sandwich will do then why not try and hummus, avocado and rocket sandwich with enough protein and fiber to make you feel fantastic but still aid weight loss without anything artifical or sugary.

Adonia Dennis (@adoniadennis), is a professional Health, Beauty and Skin Care adviser focusing on solutions to health and beauty problems. She is a passionate blogger and writer also contributing to the Huffington Post and She knows publications. She was recently selected to work as a content coordinator for Glozine latest lifestyle news. To know more about Adonia, follow her on LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

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Vegan Q&A’s: How to Deal with Rude People

It might be rare; or at least in our experience it has been, but sometimes it so happens that you get met with rudeness when someone discovers you are vegan. There are obviously a million different ways to deal with rude people no matter what it’s about, but we thought we would break it down for those of you simply overwhelmed with going vegan and the possibility of this happening and the different characters you might come across:

1. The One who thinks Veganism is a Cult

For some people their rude reaction after finding out you are vegan may just be that they don’t really fully understand what Veganism is and therefore are rude simply out of a lack of understanding. Although being vegan is far more common nowadays and a lot of people know what it is, there are still many who don’t and have put together their own variation of what they think it may be. “Is it a cult?” “Do you only eat grass?” “A religion?” “Are you a hippie?” Don’t be offended, for we in the Vegan EDITION HQ didn’t know all the ins and outs of what we could and could not eat, let alone how veganism may affect our clothing choices until we actually did our research and went vegan! In these cases depending on how they come across it may be worth explaining what being vegan actually is so they can at least understand for next time. And no…it is not a cult!

2. The One who Wants to Argue

Then of course you get the one who just wants to have a goo old-fashioned argument about where you get your protein from! One of the most common versions of rudeness tends to be the friend of a friend (always seems to be a friend of a friend!) who simply wants to argue you out of being vegan. “But you can’t get all the protein you need from plants!”, “Being vegan is unhealthy…” ETC ETC. Depending on if you can be bothered or not, sometimes it can be quite fun engaging in a debate about the health benefits and protein sources of veganism and knock the person down with your perfectly memorised facts! Orr just leave them to it…they can argue with themselves.

3. The One Who is JUST RUDE

Sometimes you just can’t get away from it and the person is JUST RUDE. There doesn’t need to a rhyme or reason, just like with anything some people are rude because they want to be. In these cases there is no point wasting your breath, walk away and spend your time with the lovely people who know niceness instead!

We hope you enjoyed the three characters of rudeness you may encounter on your vegan journey. If you come across any more let us know in the comments! 🙂

Image by Jens Johsson via Unsplash.

Vegan Q&A: What’s It Like One Year on as a Vegan?

Our Vegan Q&A’s are back! These provide answers to your pressing questions on all things vegan, from how to tell your friends you’ve gone vegan to how to be a healthy vegan! Please continue to bring us your questions through Instagram and Twitter as well as straight to our inbox at

Today we have asked our lovely founder Carolina to share her personal experience as she looks back on when her first year as a vegan passed by, her experiences and thoughts. We hope you enjoy!

Wow! How quickly a year flies by! When I first decided to go vegan I did so for personal reasons; struggling with allergies and immunity health problems that impacted my digestion and skin so much so that I knew I needed to make a dramatic change. I went from being a meat-eater to going vegan pretty much overnight after some advise from a doctor and a plethora of my own research. To be honest right from the beginning I loved the idea of being vegan; it really appealed to me that I wasn’t harming anything with the way I ate, food was often quicker to prepare and it really allowed me to fit in a lot more fruits and veggies in.


I have pretty much always bene the same weight and without wanting to lose weight; I found I did lose about half a stone at first when going vegan. However I continued to research, read, and learn and soon started making larger portions allowing me to go back to my regular size. In a matter of months my health problems had almost completely disappeared ( I kid you not!) and I felt so much more energetic and healthy. Although I have always been massively into sport and exercise, I found my performance and energy just really improved after going vegan. 6 months in I really began to focus in on eating more healthy vegan food and home cooked meals; which is a struggle for any busy person but one that is totally worth working on.


I actually didn’t know one person who was vegan when I decided to make the change, which is definitely one of the huge reasons why I started The Vegan Edition to begin with. However with vegan meet up groups in London and being able to meet so many inspiring vegan people through our {in conversation} interview series, I got to know so many other vegans and form great friendships. I am very lucky to have such amazing friends and family who supported me right from the beginning and who even made many changes themselves, finding huge benefits.


Interestingly, although my original reason for going vegan was personal, after much research in the form of reading, youtube videos, documentaries and the like, I really became more and more moved by both the animal cruelty and environmental sides. These areas now resonate with me, so much so they have now filtered down into other areas of my life through shopping 2nd hand and only vegan and cruelty free, to attempting to live a bit more zero waste and eco-friendly. It feels like I have learnt so much from where I was at the start of this journey but there is still so much that I want to continue to do to make a difference in my life and make going vegan for others easier than ever.

Thanks, Carolina! xxx

Image by Carolina Godinho-Moxon.

Vegan Q&A: How to Be a Vegan at Dinner Parties

Going vegan is one thing but many times the most intimidating part of implementing the change is the thought of going out as a vegan. Part of adopting long-term lifestyle changes means incorporating them into your daily life, and in this case that means going out for dinner or being invited to dinner parties.

Whether you are vegan or not the key is to always be considerate of your host; after all they are the ones who will be dealing with all the prep, mess and washing up at the end. You want to make both their lives and yours as easy as possible so with this in mind our number one recommendation is to ring them up ahead of the dinner. Find out what they are cooking and kindly let them know you are vegan if they are not aware. If they already know you are vegan often they will prepare something for you (if you have lovely friends like ours 🙂 ). If not, no problem! Once you know what they’ve got cooking up you can let them know that you are more than happy to bring along a vegan version of the dinner.

Arrive early, bring along your vegan meal and be a courteous guest! Give everyone else at the table the option to try out some of your vegan platter (if appropriate) and enjoy and relax! After all the more others see how great, tasty and easy it can be to be vegan there may be a few more vegans at the next dinner party! 😉

Image via Unsplash by Gregory Bourolias.

Vegan Q&A: How to Declutter Your Home of Non-Vegan Things

So you’ve gotten into the vegan thing and suddenly you have all this shocking information not only on the animal food industry but also the beauty/clothing/lifestyle industries too. It can be pretty overwhelming when you first learn about the treatment of animals and their uses across these industries that you previously took for granted. However the key is to avoid going into crazy-mode  and getting rid of your life’s possessions all at once!


The thing is really this is a really exciting time! You’ve educated yourself with all this brand-new information on the ethical side of being a vegan and it’s now the time to re-evaluate what you own. A gradual approach is normally the easiest by identifying the items in your home that are not vegan and reviewing them individually. If there are non-vegan items in your home these are the ones you can usually toss/give away to charity pretty easily. For those harder to get rid of items such as a leather sofa, leather weekend bag or even silky pillow its worth creating a list of these items and slowly work towards replacing each of them. These larger and often more expensive items take time, money and effort to acquire so require more  work to replace which is only natural. This time will also allow you to research and review your favourites to ensure your replacement item is a piece you absolutely love and will cherish as well as being vegan friendly!

Image via Unsplash by Breather