How to Get out of a Rut

Sometimes you just hit a wall, or maybe it feels more like a block in your life that you can’t seem to breakthrough…or maybe you are just in a bit of a rut. Whatever it might be, it is great to take a step back and look into your life to try and understand what’s causing the rut. When feeling demotivated there is nothing worse than just keeping to try push through even though you are getting nowhere; be it at work or in your personal life. So stop what you are doing and take a step back…think about some of the reasons you might be finding certain things challenging/not challenging enough. Is it really something you want to do? If whatever the task might be doesn’t contribute to your values or goals scrap it! Take a look across all elements of your life that take up your time, are they adding value to your life? and if not is it something you really have to do?


Once you have created some space by taking out things in your life that you don’t care about, think about all of the things that are important to you and that you do want to be doing and achieving. The best thing you can do here, particularly with bigger goals is to plot them bit by bit into smaller steps and start mapping them into your calendar. Approaching your goals or tasks in a methodical way using small steps not only makes them seem more achievable but also keeps you organised and in control. Often times this is all you need to find a new perspective and get out of a rut.

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Raden Luggage: The Review

It is not everyday that you come across a suitcase that is both stunning and smart…that’s why when we got a chance to test drive the Raden we were more than a little excited to try it out! We first came across the Raden brand on Instagram and like everything they do, they do it with both style and flair, in a completely unique and original way. Their Instagram feed fills us with gorgeous imagery of anything from architecture to the desert and a couple of their suitcase close-ups for good measure. As we were already hooked on the cool, clever branding and stylish designs we had high hopes for the A28 carry on suitcase so read on to find out how it measured up.

First things first the suitcase arrives in a minimal grey cardbox box, which ones you get through leaves a big suticase cover with the case inside. The suitcase itself is the average carry on size, and you can choose between a huge host of colours and finishes depending on whether you prefer to keep things matt or more glossy. We had the lovely navy in a gloss finish that looked great as well as being incredibly light and easy to handle. The case as expected comes with a built in lock system which was easy enough to use, and sturdy zips and handles.


The interior is just as nice as you would expect, labelled with the Raden branding, including a mesh grey lining, and a little pouch which includes an eye patch, earplugs and a charger connector…all the little details we love about the brand. All in all from both the exterior and its interior the Raden is a super stylish piece of luggage but where it really starts to get interesting is looking beyond this and onto everything the suitcase can do.

What has really made Raden so well known so much so that even Oprah raves about these suitcases is in all the special features. Once you download the Raden app you can have the ability to weigh your suitcase, saying goodbye to any overweight luggage fares and hello to smart scales! Beyond weighing your suitcase you can also plug in to charge your phone or laptop into the suitcase itself just in case you are running out of juice after a long flight. Finally the app also allows you to easily track the location of your suitcase so you never have to lose it again..dreamy!

Since we got to trial the Raden A28 carry on over a number of different trips over the Christmas holidays as well as some short-haul Europe flights we feel confident in assessing the luggage and how it shaped up. Transporting the suitcase itself was a dream; not only is the suitcase still lighter than most at capacity, the wheels and handles mean it seems to glide across airport floors and was a major plus. In terms of packing and unpacking the 2 lined internal flaps meant this was pretty easy and the mesh helped identify what we had in each pocket. Something to note though is that the charger unit battery in one side of the suitcase did take up a fair amount of space so you are left with about 10% less room than a regular carry-on.


Having the functionally to weigh our case was fantastic and really helped us throughout our trips, particularly with the many different requirements different airlines had. We only ended up using the location service on the app once and to be honest for a carry on is a lot less necessary than a checked in case but a nice to have all the same. The charger on the other hand was a life saver! After losing battery on our laptop after a long train ride this was amazing and really allowed our productivity to increase by actually being able to get straight back to work no matter where we were, which previously would have jsut been lost time.


All in all we can safely say we have found THE ONE; in the luggage world anyway! and rather than dread packing and carrying a suitcase around the Raden actually gives us great pleasure to use. If you are interested in the Raden we reviewed find their suitcases here.

The Raden A28 in navy was gifted but all opinions are our own.

How to Actually Achieve your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions…almost everyone has them, and rarely do people achieve them. Yet year after year millions of people will continue to set resolutions to start on the 1st January. The thing is a pattern that is not working needs a reboot so we have broken it down so that this year to make sure that this time you really do achieve those new year goals all before the 31st December 2017!

1.Give yourself a Timeframe

Once you have set the goal you are trying to achieve give yourself a time frame. By this we mean giving specific timings such as I will visit Morocco in February, or I will do yoga 3x a week at 6.30am. By getting so specific on time frames from the beginning it means you already know exactly what is required of you in order to achieve the goal, rather than having vague intentions to visit a new country in 2017 or to simply “get fit”.

2.Do Something Small Every Day

Try and do something small every day towards achieving your goals. It could simply be putting out your  gym clothes ready for the following day’s spin class, or researching places to travel to. n this way by doing even the smallest things towards your New Years resolutions you will feel as though you are making progress and less likely to quit when the going gets tough.

3. Make it Measurable

Make sure that you have a way of measuring your New Year’s resolutions to keep motivation high. This can be similar to setting a time frame, in the way that it should be specific enough to actually seeing improvements or change. If your goal is centered around fitness, it could be that your measure is before and after photos, or if it is travel then it could be based on how many places you visit this year. Whatever theme your goal may be ensure that you have your own way of keeping track and measuring progress and change in order that you follow any resolutions through.


We hope some of the above points helped you in setting your New Year goals and motivating you to progress with them this year!

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(3 Days Before) Christmas Gifts for Minimalists

The question to trump all questions is no longer “What to buy for a person that has it all?” but “What to buy for a person who doesn’t want it all?”. The minimalist approach to life means wanting to live with fewer material possessions and that is why gift-giving for the minimalist in your life comes off as a challenge. But, just like any challenge, it can be fun, too, so here are some ideas for the most thoughtful gifts you could give to a minimalism-lover 3 days before Christmas with no stress!

A chance to learn

Since minimalism is all about having less stuff, it is easiest to opt for an experiential kind of gift. For example, if your minimalist friend is not much of a cook, give them a possibility to learn and gift them with a cooking class or museum/botanical garden membership. We live in a golden era of information, so knowledge and the possibilities to learn various things are at our fingertips.

Image online courses

There are many online courses you can purchase for a friend and give them a chance to improve their resume or learn a new skill and start a hobby that they are sure to appreciate.

Healthy lifestyle

For the fitness fanatic in your life, why not gift a yoga class or gym membership to continue their love of exercise. This gift will also work for that friend that always sets their New Years resolution to hitting the gym more, because really if its a gift it would be rude not to go! You can even make their life a bit more adventurous by gifting them a shot of adrenaline; a bungee jump, skydiving, or rock climbing might be just the thing your minimalism-loving friend needs in 2017.

Image rock climbing

High-quality cosmetics

The minimalist approach applies to cosmetic products and makeup as well – minimalists tend to have a capsule cosmetic bag packed with high-quality and multipurpose products. Fewer products mean less damage to the skin but minimalist-approved cosmetics has to be packed with fresh ingredients which are safe and natural. Besides, finding a certified organic, natural and vegan cosmetics can be a real nightmare sometimes, so that’s why the Inika natural makeup kit might be the perfect gift.

If it is material, make it consumable

Who doesn’t like getting a gift that you can actually use and it’s even better if it’s something you can eat. A bottle of fancy wine, a bag of coffee from a local roaster, or a home-made meal can be a real winner if you know the taste of the gift receiver. A healthy dinner prepared at home with fresh ingredients and a nice chat can be a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas and to start a new gift-giving tradition. Time is something everyone lacks, so why not make it a gift?

Help the unfortunate

Speaking of time, you can always donate it to those in need; sometimes your time is more valuable than any amount of money you could give to charity. Ask your minimalist friend to come along and make your gift thoughtful. Offer to volunteer together at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter or animal shelter. After all, that’s what Christmas is all about. Another option is always to give to charity in someone’s name. Not only will you show your friend how much you care, but you’ll also help the fight for the good cause.

Image help

As you can see, giving a gift to a minimalist in your life isn’t that hard, it just needs some thought. Put some effort in it and it’ll surely pay off since there’s no better feeling than getting the perfect present for a person you care about. All that and no need to brave the Christmas shopping crowds just before Christmas!

Sophia Smith is our wonderful new Australian-based beauty, lifestyle and health blogger. She is super passionate about yoga, organic food and a healthy lifestyle. Sophia is regular contributor at Ripped and High Style Life sharing her thoughts and advice on how to lead a healthier life.

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5 Last Minute Gifts for Vegans

It’s that time of year again, and for those of you which are still on the search for the perfect Christmas gift look no further than our last minute gift ideas for vegans. Shopping for Christmas presents the week before Christmas can seem like the most stressful thing in the world so we’ve tried to take away the angst and give you 5 lovely present options for those hard to buy for people still left on your list…

1. Voluspa Candle

The perfect last minute gift for a friend, mum, colleague, other half…the list goes on. Candles are one of those things that are universally loved by most people and an instant winner when they are as gorgeous and delicious-smelling as this one! This one is an especially perfect gift for those who would never treat themselves normally but totally deserve it! Shop it here.

2. Prana mat

This is for the gift recipient who has everything! The prana mat is perfect for anyone you know who is always hard to buy for and may be in need of some relaxing. The prana mat is energising as well as relaxing and can be used while they watch tv, brush their teeth or even do yoga! Find it here.

3. Deliciously Ella’s Smoothies & Juices

If you are in need of an easy and relatively affordable gift then look no further than Deliciously Ella’s Smoothie and Juices book. This one is the perfect last minute gift for anyone looking to get healthier in the new year! Shop it here.

4. Yoga Mat

For the ultimate cool person in your life, give the edgiest yoga mat out there with La Vie Boheme’s Neon mat. These are the ultimate hard to please people but with this gift they will be kitted out in her finest for each and every yoga class. Find it here. 


5. Vegan Cookies

If all else fails and you’ve missed last delivery dates in time for Christmas there is nothing wrong with breaking out your best vegan cookies recipe. We are completely blown over by this one here, so if you need some inspiration check it out and run to the store in time to get your ingredients.

We hope we gave you some ideas if you are in a last minute panic over gift-giving and remember at the end of the day it really isn’t about the gifts. What the recipient will appreciate more than anything else is your company and laughter so give them just that rather than any stress this Christmas and you will all have a great one!

Image by Annie Spratt via Unsplash.