It’s summertime! With that if you are lucky comes holidays! The thought of being vegan while travelling or exploring a new place can sometimes be really intimidating, but actually one of the hardest parts can be just deciding what to take with you in your carry on! Don’t worry we have got your back on this one!

Whether you are vegan or not, being prepared and knowing you have several things that will just make your life a lot easier is super relaxing and means you can really focus on enjoying the good stuff while travelling to your destination.

Snack bars

With the pletheroa of snack bars out there find a couple you absolutely love and chuck them in your carry on. Whether its flight delays or getting the munchies when your on your flight, you will be happy you brought them! One of our favourites is Aduna Moringa Raw energy bars or if you really want to step it up to the next level why not go for a snackbox with a wide mix of different goodies to take with you.

Reusable bottle of water

The reusable water bottle is key in your carry on, not only will you be able to hydrate on your way to the airport but once emptied and refilled once inside duty free you will be able to enjoy some water without having to purchase a thing!

Hair ties

Need we say more? Hair ties are essential. These help you out when suddenly the airport turns into a furnace or when you just need your hair out of your face whilst taking out your laptop and all your liquids in departures!

Vitamin nutrient sachets

These are fantastic! If you are following our tip number 2 to bring a reusable water bottle this only adds to it! If you didn’t take a reusable bottle with you in your carry on, no problem buying some water once in duty free or just a glass of h20 on the plane is fine. All you have to do is simply open up the little sachet into the water, mix and voila instant vitamin-rich water in a second. Nowadays there are so many different versions but our personal favourite are the Tranzend Detox Stix’s which help eliviate the stress of toxins in your system and help your body detox, while boosting the immune system and digestion. Perfect for the airport or whilst on the plane if you feel tired, quesy, or simply want to avoid getting ill.

A Cosy Scarf

A cosy scarf that can be packed into a tiny ball and taken in your carry on bag is a life saver. Air Con to much on the flight, simply wrap that baby around you, destination colder than expected…you know what to do! This one and this one are our current favourites.

A Head Pillow

Sometimes, particularly on a long-haul this is just one of those essentials that will make all the difference. We have not found a better one than this Muji travel pillow, that not only takes up very little space but also is simply the most comfy and simple one. No muss no fuss!

Enjoy your trip Veganista’s!

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