A term we only just recently got acquainted with was Anchors. It was The Minimalist’s book on “Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life” that first drew light on the anchors that everyone has that are essentially the things in your life that pull you down and prevent you from moving forward and growing. Anchors come in many different forms whether they are negative people, a dead-end job or debt, but whichever form they come in, it is important to identify them to move forward.


Start by taking some time to review your life; what’s great in your life and you want more of? What’s not so great? It may make it easier to break this down into key areas in your life such as career, relationships, money and home. It may be that you have a gorgeous home that you love, but things are not so great with your partner. Whatever the good and bad things are in each area list them out to see in black and white. Looking at your negative list start to delve deeper really reviewing what is holding you back in these areas and why they perhaps are not as successful as you would like. Again it could be that you hate your job and have always wanted to do something else but lack the confidence. In some cases you can almost keep asking yourself the question over and over again until you get to the real cause as to why it is negative for you. Put a total list together of all of these anchors holding you back across all areas in your life.


Once you have a full list, it is essentially up to you to work through them turning them on their head and coming up with a strategy to make them positive. One example if you have debt is to put together a plan to pay off your debts and fully integrate it into your life and action it! If you really hate where you live, then again put a plan in place for how many house or apartment viewing you need to go to each week, setting a goal date for when you should move by and make the necessary calls! Some things might require a more complex plan but in all cases having a plan in place to motivate you along even during the hard times is key.


One you have your strategy in place, turn it into actions. This is the most important bit. Make sure you are doing a little towards your goal every week in order to really change your life around. Soon you will see that all of these smaller changes relaly add up in every area to create your best possible life!

Photo by Alexis Brown via Unsplash.


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