Joshua Tree Travel Diary

After we left LA we headed over to Joshua Tree…partly by accident as our original plan of travelling up the Pacific Highway was disrupted by some rainy weather. Even though it wasn’t in our original plans Joshua Tree was amazing…not only was it great to have a few days camping in the desert and completely relaxing, the scenery was incredible. We got to experience a couple of amazing sunsets and go to sleep as the sun went down and enjoy the long, hot days in the sunshine.

Photo 2 I wore: A blue Lululemon top; similar to some of these and Adidas by Stella McCartney black shorts.


LA Style Diary

This past month I was lucky enough to get to visit my sister in LA and do a California roadtrip that meant I got to explore LA, Joshua Tree, Napa, Berkley and San Francisco! First things first let’s start with LA…the photos below were from Venice Beach where we found the coolest little bars and graffiti lined walls.

I was wearing: Spitfire England sunglasses, Brandy Melville dress and Havaianas flipflops.

We spent time hiking up Runyon and a couple of the other hiking routes which meant we got to have a lot of fun as well as enjoy the amazing views of the city. We just missing out on the heatwave and received a slightly colder week but still got the opportunity to enjoy the sun and spend an afternoon relaxing in Malibu on the beach, where we took some great polaroids. Before we left LA my sister and I spent the day in Disney and just after we took the below California photo before heading to Griffith Park Observatory for an incredible sunset view overlooking Los Angeles.

California Photo, I was wearing: Forever21 Sunglasses similar to these, Izzue striped top similar to this one, Vetta Capsule black shorts, Stella McCartney backpack and Soludos espadrilles similar to these.

Polaroid photos, I was wearing: Vetta Capsule striped wrap top, Burberry white shorts (no longer available), Solid & Striped bikini top and Spitfire England sunglasses.

Minimal Clutter for Maximum Focus – How to Declutter Your Life

If you are often experiencing stress, lack of focus and depression, maybe you need to declutter you life. Excessive clutter can be distracting; it can weigh you down, and cause chaos in your life. Sometimes, decluttering can be a big project to tackle, especially if you don’t know how and where to start. Here is a little guide on how to easily rid your life of all kinds of clutter.

Getting Started

The best way to get started on decluttering is to take baby steps. When you combine those small steps, you will find that you have actually made a huge difference. Also, when you do things gradually, you are more likely to keep up the good work and maintain your space clutter-free in the long run.

Declutter your Rooms

Start with the room where you spend the most time. Tackle the floors, and then make your way to the countertops, cabinets, tables and shelves. You can even consider your furniture! Make three piles: a toss, a donate and finally a keep pile; and divide all your things into those three categories. When you decide to keep something, you should find a place to put it in (and from that time on that place will be that object’s “home”) and always put it back to its place. Organize things into drawers and cabinets, so you can keep them out of sight, but organized and uncluttered. Do the same with every room in your home.

Move to the Closets and Drawers

Closets and drawers are prefect places for items to remain hidden, especially when you don’t really care much for them anymore. Don’t let that happen, but make your toss-donate-keep piles and declutter quickly to ensure things don’t hang around that you don’t care for. Make sure to keep only the clothes you actually love and wear often, the rest you can donate to ones in need. Also, empty your drawers and sort all the items that you decide to keep.

Tackle Information and your Computer

Today, we live in a digital and a virtual world more than we live in reality, and information has so many different ways to creep into our lives. Over-saturation of information can become overwhelming and it’s called an information clutter. Try to set limits for information by limiting the number of things you read during the day and decrease the number of things that pop up on your RSS feed. Get rid of old magazines and newspapers, and limit the time you spend in front of your TV or computer screen. You don’t have to cut yourself off from the world, just set some boundaries and limit what you take in. Also, uninstall unnecessary programs and sort through the icons on your computer desktop. This way you’ll not only have a better overview of your desktop, but your computer will work faster.

Set up a System

If you examine the ways in which things make their way into your life, and if your rethink the way you do things, you can easily set up a system that will keep your life clutter-free. Write down the system you’ve made and try to consult it for everything you bring into your home; from your furniture, clothes and jewellery to work projects and items you download from the internet. Be consistent and you will manage to keep your life clutter-free. Once you feel you have truly decluttered your home and life an amazing addition is an air purifier, so that the space can keep that fresh and clean feeling naturally. Do some research, read different air purifier reviews and decide on the best one for you and your lifestyle.

You don’t need much time to declutter and keep your life clutter-free, and the rewards of such a lifestyle are more than worth it. You’ll live in a cleaner space, reduce stress and depression, and become a more organized and productive person.

This article is brought to you by our contributor Samantha Olivier. Samantha has a B.Sc. in nutrition, and has spent two years working as a personal trainer. Since then, she has embarked on a mission to conquer the blogosphere. When not in the gym or on the track, you can find her on Twitter, or in a tea shop.

Image by Sarah Dorweiler via Unsplash.

My Makeup Removal Routine

I personally love the whole routine of removing my makeup. I love coming home from work and taking a few minutes to really care for my skin while removing the makeup from the day. As I have suffered from pretty sensitive skin in the past I like to opt for gentle and simple products to get the job done and currently I am loving the combination of coconut oil and charcoal soap. To kick things off I take about 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and start massaging into into my face and neck, working through my eyes and eyelashes last until I really feel my mascara has begun to come away from the eyelashes. Then I use my Makeup eraser or a muslin cloth with some warm water to wipe away the makeup. I find that the combination of the coconut oil and a cloth really allows the makeup to to melt off without too much hassle.


To finish off I like to use a less rich cleanser to double-cleanse and remove any last traces of makeup before I apply a face oil or moisturiser. At the moment I am really enjoying using a charcoal soap by Soapwalla which I actually reviewed here. Even though my skin is normal and not oily I find it really nice to clear the skin and leaves your skin moisturised rather than stripped of any goodness. That is it...I then follow with my night skincare routine.


The Drops of Youth Review

The body shop is a brand I haven’t ever really delved into and although I knew a little about their ethical stance, I didn’t really know much about any of their vegan products. Recently I gave their drops of youth serum a try in attempt to refresh and revive my tired looking skin.


The promise: This innovative concentrate helps to enhance skin condition, leaving it looking smoother, fresher, and healthier. Contains plant stem cells Criste Marine and Beech Bud extract, Drops Of Youth™ Youth Concentrate works to help boost surface skin renewal. Skin feels immediately moisturised and instantly softer. This serum is perfect for anyone looking for a treatment product to improve a skincare routine.


The serum has a water-like consistency which I liked and the dropper made it very easy to apply to the face. Immediately after my skin did feel perkier and refreshed…but this could be more the fact of applying a cold serum to my face rather than any of the serum’s antiaging qualities at this stage. After a few weeks of using the serum I did feel my skin was softer than usual and each time after applying my face did seem to look and feel healthier and less tired. However as for the long-term youth boosting claims I am not too sure, but it is a lovely simple, every day serum that provides a great boost to your skin.

All images via The Vegan Edition. All opinions are our own.